Day Two, A Writing Prompt


This is the writing prompt I chose for today:

“Every year, a man is sent into the caves as a sacrifice to the gods. When you are sent in, you discover a Utopian society run by gods where the “sacrifices” are playing games and living life to its fullest.”

Here we go!

We all crowded around the loudspeaker. This was it. They were going to make the announcement soon.

Every year on the 42nd day of the 4th and final month, the Authorities read off the number of one member of Society. That person must die. The Authorities tell us it’s a great honor to be selected. Without our yearly sacrifice, the Gods would cut off all of our power. Without the power we would all surely perish. And I mean, there were only about 100 of us left at this point.

The Authorities rarely leave their lodge these days, and nobody really knows how many of them are still alive. The police continue to take orders from them though, so they still run things. I’m not sure why the God’s need a sacrifice in order to keep the power on, but I guess that’s why I’m no God. I heard there was a time when Society had millions and millions of people, but I find that hard to believe. Did we sacrifice that many?

There was a faint crackling over the loud speaker. “We have made our selection for this year…”

I leaned in. There were about twenty other with me at the café. Nobody made eye contact while we waited for the number to be called.

“This year’s selection is…” the speaker cut in and out.

“Person number 1…3…7…0…0……..5! Please make any final preparations and arrive at the main lodge by 600 this evening. Do not delay. We thank you for your service.”

Shit. Me.

Somehow I knew it would be me. Had to happen eventually. This was my 28th year, that’s a pretty good run, right? I knew someone who was selected in his 6th year. That’s too soon if you ask me. I’ve had a lot of things I should be thankful for. This is fine, right?

Well, at least I don’t have any final preparations to make. No friends or family really. I only had my mom, but she’s been gone since year 12. She wasn’t selected or anything, just got sick. That’s almost worst in some way. If you are sick then why can’t you just volunteer that year? Save somebody else for being chosen. But that’s not how it works. There must always be a selection. Again, why I’m not a God.

My thoughts had been rambling again. I realized I was still standing in the café, but now everyone was staring at me. My face was drenched in tears and sweat. Our numbers are supposed to be confidential but I guess I just gave myself away. I quickly looked down and walked out the front door. How much time did I have? I looked down at my watch.


Okay, I have two hours. What do I need to do before I go? Society owns everything. They’ll take care of my home and my things once I’m gone.

I guess I’ll go to the spot in the forest, just beside the creek. That spot will be the only thing I miss really. It’d be good to see it one more time.

I wrapped my scarf around my neck tightly and turned to make for the forest.

All right, there it is. First writing prompt done. I didn’t get very far into the plot, but that’s okay I guess. I’ll be revisiting this in 6 months to take another stab at it. Tomorrow will be a traditional blog post. That was fun

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