Day Three, A How-To Article

Alright, yesterday was rough. Writing a short story is pretty friggin’ hard, and that was only an intro at about 500 words. Yikes. Today I’m going to write on a topic I know quite a bit about- photo booth. The topic is, “How does a photo booth work?”

Go time.


How does a photo booth work? It’s actually pretty simple once you know all the components that go into it. The three major parts of any photo booth are this:

  1. A camera (duh). This can be a DSLR or just a simple webcam depending on the quality of photo booth. The DSLR provides a much better photo but is a lot more technical to use. A webcam (for instance, if you are using an iPad for the photo booth) has less quality but is much easier to use.
  2. A printer. Most photo booths use what’s called a dye-sublimation printer. These printers use a ribbon as opposed to ink. The ribbon presses down on the blank photo and imprints the photo onto the paper. It’s pretty nifty and its what allows the photos to be printed off in 10 seconds or less. Here’s a fun fact- most drug store “1-hour photo” operations use these same dye-sub printers as a photo booth. So it does not take an hour to print your photos at all, probably closer to 5 minutes total.
  3. A computer or tablet. More often with modern photo booths, this is a tablet such as a Surface Pro or iPad. The tablet runs the photo booth software, which syncs up the camera and the printer. This is also where the guests interact with the photo booth. Most software now offers the ability to email your photo and post to social in addition to printing off your physical copy.

Once you have all of these components, you are pretty much in business with your photo booth. You’ll likely want to have a nice enclosure for all the different pieces. This can come in the form of an enclosed booth (a. la. mini-malls and carnivals) or a kiosk-style booth, which you are more likely to find at weddings and corporate events. Or, a common theme in some of the trendier stores is to have just the tablet photo booth set up in front of a backdrop with no enclosure, though they normally don’t have a printer set up in this case.

Once you have your enclosure in place, the last piece is lighting. If you are going with an enclosed or kiosk style booth, you can mount a flash or strobe directly onto the enclosure. If you are going with the iPad style booth with no enclosure, you will likely have to rely on the tablets built-in flash. Bets make sure you have a good source of natural light in that case.

There you have it; those are the photo booth basics. Much simpler than it seems, and a photo booth is always going to be a hit at whatever event you are planning. If you’ve gone through all the trouble of setting up your photo booth, make sure you don’t forget to put out some awesome props. No booth is complete without props. That’s a fact.

Alright, that was about all I had on photo booths. Felt like I was rambling at the end just to hit the word count. Going to think more about how to structure each week and tomorrow I’ll be writing in the style of… a Listicle!!! Dun Dun Dunnnnn. K Bye.

Word Count – 594

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