Day Four, Retargeting


I’ve already slipped up on my writing every day. That ain’t good. I can tell that getting myself to write on the weekends is going to be pretty tough. I was able to get about 250 words out on Friday, but I just reread that and holy shit. It’s bad. For some reason, I didn’t think I was as drunk as I was on Friday, but after that re-read, it sounds like I must have drunk an entire 5th of Jack Daniels before going to bed. It got full on unreadable at the end there. Whoops. At least I got something out on Friday. Saturday and Sunday both got skipped. No Bueno.

I don’t want to do that thing where you set a goal for yourself that’s somewhat lofty, and then when you have trouble hitting it you abandon the project completely. Like, now that I missed the weekend I quit because I already broke the streak. I’m going to avoid doing that here because I really want to see some success with this. So here’s the plan.

Monday through Friday still needs to be 500 to 750 words a day. No excuses there. I still need to have some gall dang accountability in this place, and it needs to be a challenge. So that stays. Then, Saturday and Sunday, I need to get some sort of writing piece done. Just one, and it doesn’t need to have a particular word count. Just write something, whether it’s a post here or social media, whatever. Just to stay sharp.

That will be the plan from here out, and hopefully, over time, I’ll be able to naturally put out pages on the weekend as well. I feel this plan is more realistic for me at this point and will help ensure I don’t abandon everything. Lofty goals are cool and all, but it’s a lot easier to walk away from them. Not gonna happen here, kid.

Anyways, since this post is coming out like a journal entry, here is what happened this weekend. We went out with Nic’s coworkers on Friday night which was fun but they are all so Type-A that it’s pretty tricky to get a word in. That’s when we drank a lot too. Hence the garbage post for day 4. On Saturday, Shawn and Dee came down to stay with us while they met with wedding vendors. It was great hanging with them I just wish they lived closer so we could all spend more time together.

Sunday was spent at photo booth events and then meeting up with a couple more of Nicole’s coworkers for dinner that evening. Really nice people she works with. Then bed. And I bought two new video games so my productivity is about to dip significantly. Oops.

Wow, that was possibly the most boring end to a post ever. Nothing like ending strong by talking about your friggin day-to-day. I ate soup once, isn’t that interesting? They might make a movie on that someday. “On August 15th, 2017- One man did the unthinkable. Coming this Fall. Lobster Bisque.”

I’d watch it.

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