Day Six, On Air Travel

So the holidays were a thing. Hope everyone here had a good one. I was traveling around the western US visiting family, so I ended up on planes for the most part of the time off. I’d like to talk about airplanes for a second.


I don’t like flying. I’m too stupid to understand how planes actually stay up in the air, so in my mind, I feel like the fact that these thousand ton metal machines are even able to stay up there seems to me to be spitting in the face of science. Like, I know its aerodynamics and all that good stuff, but still. It’s pretty crazy when you actually think about it. So for me, sleeping on a plane is impossible. Every time there is the tiniest bit of turbulence, I basically start mentally preparing for my own fiery demise. It’s not healthy for sure. If anyone knows how to help with getting over a fear of flying, I’m all ears.

On top of the crazy physics going on to keep those things afloat in the sky, I also read recently that pilots are paid like, fast food employee wages in some cases. That is what’s truly terrifying to me. These guys are in one of the most specialized jobs out there that, as far as I’m concerned, require the utmost concentration. Yet their being paid like they’re keeping cheeseburgers warm, not transporting a bus with wings full of 200 people at the speed of sound through the damn atmosphere. If I was a pilot, I’d be a little irked that my very demanding role is not being properly appreciated. I know from my own personal experience that when I’m not being valued at my job, I start cutting corners here and there. That’s the scary part. If pilots started doing that we’d all be in some serious trouble. Although, when you have that many lives in your hands you probably never slack off even if you feel like you’re undervalued. Maybe that’s why they’re the pilots and I’m the squirmy guy sitting in coach. Hopefully.

So this holiday I was on three different flights. One of them was great, the other two, a total nightmare. One the first one, I had a couple drinks, played some Rocket League on the Switch, and boom, done. Easy peasy.

The next flight was a little seven seater Cessna. That was maybe the worst flight I’ve ever been on. First of all, the pilot was younger than me, maybe 24 years old. I’m pretty sure he was reading a book on how to actually fly the plane while he was flying the plane. And if you don’t know, on those planes you feel every tiny bump of turbulence and it feels like a friggin’ rollercoaster ride. We flew through a storm so you could imagine how nice and bumpy that ride was. I was so nervous I sweated through a sweater and a jacket. I was wearing both, and I sweated through them. I’m not kidding.


The last flight, the flight home, ended up getting delayed by about 8 hours. That’s another lovely part of air travel. When you live in places that storm a lot, that’s what you get. At least when you’re delayed you get to stay in the terminal. Which is on the ground. Which is where I like to be. On the ground and in San Diego. It’s good to be home.

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