Day Eight, A Journal Entry

For today’s post, I’ll be writing on my favorite memory from 2017. It’s a pretty easy one for me, I got married in October. It was easily the highlight of the year for me and probably the highlight of my life. I mean, obviously.


The first thing I noticed when we got back from the honeymoon was that nothing really changed. I had already lived with my then fiance for about 2 years, so it wasn’t like we had a big lifestyle change once the wedding was done. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to get married and then move in with that person for the first time after you’ve already said “I do.” Seems pretty risky if you ask me. What if it turns out that the person you married has crazy living habits that you didn’t even know about? They could, for instance, throw their used toilet paper into the trash can instead of flushing it down the toilet like a damn psychopath. That would be bananas. You might reconsider the whole marriage right then and there.

Lucky for me, my partner and I already knew everything about each other and our habits before the big day. She still said yes even though she knows I’m a pig, so that’s really saying something about how wonderful she is. Not too shabby, me.

The thing that particularly struck me about the whole wedding was how quick it went by. Too quick. There was over a year of planning and stressing and trying to balance all of that with our jobs and normal life. It was pretty crazy not that I’m looking back at it. All of that, and on the actual day of the wedding it was all over in about 5 hours. We said our vows, ate some dinner, did a little dancing and then boom. Done. I can see why people get some post-wedding blues. You spend about 80% of your free time thinking about this one thing for over a year, and then it’s all over in an instant. Then what do you do with all that time? Start a writing blog or something I guess.

During the reception, I have a hard time remembering anything specifically. It was all kind of a blur. I know that’s pretty cliche, but it’s true. I remember the bigger moments like the flower toss, cake cutting, and dancing. My wife destroyed the dance floor, by the way, killed it. I’m still getting crap from my friends because she showed me up. I spent the end of the reception smoking a cigar with my groomsman and family. Pretty good way to end the whole shebang. Everything that I do remember was awesome.

The hangover the next day was not awesome. I think it’s funny that people always seem to start off big milestones super hungover. New year, marriage, other examples I can’t think of right now. Not the best way for a new start to life if you ask me. But definitely, worth it the night before, there’s no question about that.

So that’s it. From what I remember, it’s pretty tough to top getting married for my best 2017 moment. What’s your best moment from last year?









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