Day Ten, On Job Searching

This week I started a new job. I’m very excited about it because job hunting is a real biotch, so I’m almost more happy that the act of search is done than I am to actually have a new job.


I think everyone can agree that searching for a new job is hard. Super hard. I think for me the hardest part was the fact that I felt like I was dating again. An I was getting rejected, a lot. The interviews would be somewhat grueling, with maybe three or four interviewers in the room with you at one time. I am not very good at selling myself of portraying much confidence in those types of situations, so needless to say, I was a very sweaty man. I actually went out and bought a special “diaper-shirt” that has extra absorbent padding sewed into the armpit so I would sweat through it during the interview and look all pitted out and gross. Actually, I bought that for my wedding, but it still applies to job interviews. I just realized this is the second post where I’ve mentioned my excessive sweating. I promise that’s not going to be a theme for this blog.

Anyway, back to job interviews. It’s like dating, and getting rejected sucks. Especially if you really like the company and felt like you vibed with the other employees there. Then it hurts when they tell you they’ve gone with somebody with “more experience”. It’s always “more experience” as their excuse. All I’m thinking is, how am I supposed to get more experience if nobody will hire me in the first place. It’s a Catch 22 situation out there. Pretty sure that point has been beaten to death, but it’s still valid.

Part of me thinks whoever else they hire, it’s never because they actually have more experience. Really, they probably just liked that person more than you. They’ll never tell you that though. “Hey, we decided not to hire you because honestly, we think you’re a loser and a turd.” They go with the experience line because they know you’ll never question that. Because you don’t have any and you know it. See, Catch-22.

For me, I got lucky enough that I interviewed for a company where I was the one they liked enough to bring onboard. I hope that, if there was anybody else interviewing for my spot, they just told them they smelled bad or something. We need to be honest with each other out here.

Anyway, that’s the topic for today. Tomorrow I’m feeling another writing prompt. Let’s go with this: “Democracy no longer exists. Every four years, a test is administered that everyone can take in which the applicant with the highest grade gets to rule the country for the next term.”

Should be fun.

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