My name is Paul Herzog. I’m a content manager and business owner based in San Diego Calif. I’m not a very good writer. But, I did recently read a book called “Everybody Writes” by Ann Handley, where she mentions the best way to improve your writing is to write every day. So that’s what I’m doing here. 500 words a day, every day. I’m not looking to become a Pulitzer prize winner or anything, I just want to see steady improvement over time. I’m not even sure how to track that quite yet, but I’m sure it will become apparent at some point whether it’s working or not.

For anyone who’d like to join me on this mission, I’d love to have you. Maybe we can support and motivate each other to put in the words every day. But not too much daily motivation, because that’s annoying. You know, just a little to help each other out.

When I’m not writing 500 words, I’m hanging out in North Park with my lovely wife and two extremely overweight cats. Seriously, they’re like 20 pounds each. It’s hilarious. I like good food and playing guitar. And mountains. Mountains are nice too. Thanks for comin’ by!